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Nothing wreaks more havoc on gutters than debris. Leaves, twigs, seeds, and sand all naturally pool into your gutters over time. Just like a natural beaver dam, these piles of debris pile up, blocking the course of rainwater, preventing your gutter from functioning properly. To keep this from occurring, routine maintenance is needed, which requires you to get on the roof and clean out your gutters. Gutter guards lessen the hassle of having to clean your gutters by keeping debris from getting into the gutters to begin with.

Gutter guards are metal barriers that sit on top of your gutters, allowing water to flow into the system, while keeping larger material out. Gutter guards are designed to allow wind to easily blow off debris, making required cleanings less frequent. Cleaning the debris that stubbornly sits on your guards is far more easy to clean than cleaning the inside of your gutters. They are also designed to keep animals like bats, squirrels, birds, mice and mosquitos from calling your gutters home.

We currently offer two levels of gutter guard protection.

Bulldog Gutter Guard is an aluminum insert, designed to fit securely into your gutter and handle the heaviest of rainstorms. This brand is equipped to handle large leaf trees and everyday debris. (

Hydro-Flo’s Gutter Guard System is installed to fit snugly to the top of your gutters and adds a second level of stainless-steel mesh protection for those pesky pines needles and smaller debris. (

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